11-Year-Old Girl Discovers Rare 2,000 Year Old Coin in Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

When a rare coin in Jerusalem is found, it is extremely noteworthy. It is even more noteworthy that it was a young girl to find it!

When an 11-Year-Old Found a Rare Coin in Jerusalem

Did this young girl Liel think she would become famous for finding a rare coin in Jerusalem? Many people from all over come to uncover ancient history at the Sifting Project. In Israel, everyone is part of discovering history and showing the world the truth. Not everyone has the chance to find such a rare coin though.

This might just be a “small” coin in size, but it attests to more of Jewish history and the truth. You don’t see discoveries of ancient “Palestinian” coins that say “Palestinian” shekel. Why? Because the “Palestinians” are not an ancient people. They don’t have an ancient history in Israel. But the Jews indeed do. And an 11-year-old girl helped the world see that even more. She understands the significance of the fact that she was holding and touching the same coin that people thousands of years before her held!

If only the world understood this. If only the world was willing to admit that the land of Israel is filled with the history of Israel. How much more proof does a person need to convince them that the Jewish people belong in the land of Israel and that the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people? At this point, it is just foolish to not believe it.

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