COVID-19, Government Control, and the Need For Real Resistance

by David Mark

It has now been revealed that the US government and Moderna jointly own the patents to the mRNA vaccine. This is not only a massive conflict of interest for the US government, but calls into question the very “edicts” the political elite have rammed down the throats of the masses.


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With the new information that Moderna and the US government struck a deal over mRNA back in 2015, it is no wonder that this vaccine has become the go-to “solution” for the government. With Fauci heavily invested in the mRNA technology from a financial angle, one has to wonder whether it was this conflict of interest that helped shut down the non mRNA Johnson and Johnson vaccine as well as being the central cause of silencing other treatments.

The joint investment and ownership of the US government and Moderna of the mRNA technology calls into question the government’s role in decision making with regards to our medical choices. From lockdowns, which decreased vitamin D intake thus making people’s immune systems weaker to the shunning of Ivermectin, the government’s decisions regarding COVID-19 as well as pushing a vaccine they are in fact invested in has pushed the world far closer to the “Great Reset” all of us have been warning about.

One has to wonder how it happened overnight that our medical decisions were taken out of the hands of our own personal doctors and given over to Big Pharma, the MSM, and government to decide? Unfortunately the agenda for a complete control of our lives was already mapped out. We were coaxed to get onto Facebook, nudged to read only the articles that were promoted to us, and socially pressured to hand over our rights to an unnamed bureaucrat.

The real battle now is not just about the vaccine, but about how government and corporations have hijacked our freedoms and are set to turn us into their own slaves.

Will we resist?

Col. Kemp

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