Watch What is Really Bringing the World Down Today

by Phil Schneider

Communism began to develop and grow out in the mid 19th century. It reached it’s zenith in the middle of the 20th century when the Soviet Union and China dominated Asia under varying methods of Communist rule. Most people in the West believe that in 1989, the United States and the West effectively won the Cold War against Communism. Once the Soviet Union began to implode with parts of Eastern Europe breaking off of the Soviet Union, it was just a matter of time till the Soviet Union would splinter into smaller countries. Each new country would create it’s own brand of government that would be unique to it’s own past and intentions for the future. But Communism would not be the dominant way of life any longer. That was the assumption then. Is that the case today?

The central concept of this powerful video series is that Communism is not just still alive and well – it is thriving and growing and spreading it’s tentacles all over the world. The central concept here is that China is at the core of the spreading new version of communism, not Russia. And the new ideas of Communism are not merely in the Eastern Hemisphere. They exist and are spreading throughout the West also – via the equivalent of sleeper cells – via the Communist ideology which knows no borders.

Are the ultimate aims of Communism so bad? Is it an ideological movement that is so dangerous? Perhaps if Communism was properly carried out, it would indeed bring a form of paradise to the earth? This documentary argues to the contrary. The goal of this introductory video is to explain that Communism is no less than a poison that is focused on removing all aspects of G-d from the world. The word “devil” is a major aspect of this video. That is very controversial. But the track record of Communism shows that perhaps atheism and Communism are indeed as evil as argued in this video. After all, there is probably no ideology that has wrought more evil on the world than Communism. This powerful and professional documentary should be taken very seriously by students of history and anyone that is concerned about the present and future threat of Communism.

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