Second Temple period discovery proves coexistence in Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

So, is there coexistence in Israel? Well, the details about this archaeological find prove that there is. And it’s not because of what they found.

Coexistence in Israel

There are many amazing things about the discovery of this ancient ritual bath from Second Temple times. The Israeli tour guide explains it in this video. But there is something else she said that was so important. It was about the coexistence in Israel. It was about the fact that an Israeli Arab archaeologist was the one who wanted to help the Jewish people conserve their history. It was the fact that an Israeli Arab archaeologist uncovered the ritual bath.

How is that for “apartheid?” It is a joke to call Israel an apartheid state! All you need to do is step foot in the airport after landing and see that Arabs will be walking the same exact floors as Israelis. All you need to do is go into any cafe, store, or doctor’s office and see that Arabs are eating and working at the same places as Jews are. It does not take a genius to see that nothing about Israel is apartheid.

Discovering While Building

Something else that is so fascinating about discoveries in Israel is that many ancient findings happen during “regular” building and construction. This case was not the only one. Discoveries have been made while people were reflooring their house. The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered “by accident.”

You cannot ignore the history. All the secrets are buried in the dirt of Israel. Everything is there to tell the truth. Thousands of years of Jewish history are still making its way to modern history. It is truly miraculous and unbelievable.

Some may try to deny it, but the more they deny it, the more the truth is uncovered.

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