Dear Liberals, stop fearing the Left

by Phil Schneider

It is a common mistake today for liberals to think that they should agree with radical leftists, even if the liberals frown on some of the tactics of the radical left. This is a big mistake. The most significant threat to liberalism today is from the radical left. Liberal values are indeed precious and need to be spread. On the other hand, radical leftist values will destroy the West if they are adopted by more and more cities and states.

The famous lawyer, Alan Dershowitz has come out publicly to censure the radical leftist silencing of opposition to their radical views. He understands what not enough liberals understand. The biggest threat to our freedom today comes from those who want to silence opposition to their views. That movement is largely led by the radical left. It is not a new concept in the world, but it has never been as loud as it is today in the United States of America.

What Dennis Prager points out so effectively is that liberal values are totally incompatible to leftist values. The main difference that is well-known is the difference between liberals and leftists on the issue of capitalism. In today’s political climate, a socialist candidate came very close to winning the Democratic nomination. This could never have happened a few decades ago. But today, leftist values view socialism as a wonderful value to bring to the fore and support. This is all despite the fact that the most dangerous movements of the 20th century were all socialist – in Germany, the Soviet Union, and other countries. Prager is best doing exactly what he does in this video – breaking it all down with clear-headed straight logic.

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