Second Orthodox Jewish Player Ever Drafted by the MLB

by Leah Rosenberg

Wow, to have an Orthodox Jewish Player drafted by the MLB (Major League Baseball) is amazing. This young man is the second in history!

Orthodox Jewish Player Drafted by MLB

Elie Kligman is only the second Orthodox Jewish player to be drafted by the MLB. Yes, the second in HISTORY. And the first one was also just drafted – Jacob Steinmetz.

This short video shows Elie’s dedication to his religion. He is dedicated to baseball, but he is more dedicated to his faith. Kligman won’t play baseball on the 7th day of the week, on the Sabbath. And that is truly a commendable thing. Any team should want a player who is good, yet also committed to what he feels very strongly about. That means he will also give his all when he DOES play baseball.

Orthodox Judaism

One may look at Elie Kligman and think his Judaism is stifling his success. But quite the opposite. Kligman knows that Judaism offers him a purpose in life. It offers him a connection with the One who created him; a relationship between his soul and its Creator. It is the most liberating feeling to be connected to something greater than yourself. It is an indescribable feeling to know that you are a part of G-d’s grand plan. The world is mistaken to think otherwise. Kligman chooses to be a strong member of the Jewish people.

Maybe Elie Kligman’s dedication and commitment to G-d will convince more of the world how truly beautiful and freeing it is to be part of Orthodox Judaism. His story is definitely one that should and must be shared.

Dr. Risch

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