Charlie Kirk’s Case for Israel Leaves Leftist Antisemite in Utter Silence

by Phil Schneider

The imbalance between Israel and the so-called “Palestinians” bothers the young confused liberals. After all, shouldn’t we want to help the poor refugees who have been misplaced? Isn’t what is going on today to the so-called “Palestinians” the same thing as what happened to the Jewish refugees after the Holocaust? The answer is no and no way.

The refugee issue of the so-called “Palestinian nation” is a mixture of gross exaggeration and outright lies. Their indeed were tens of thousands of Arab refugees that resulted from the 1948 War of Independence. But, let’s understand where this came from. The way it worked was as follows. In 1947, the United Nations decided to create a Jewish State and an Arab State in the area that was called the British Mandate for the previous 30 years. Let’s say that again – a Jewish State beside an Arab State. The Jewish people, under the leadership of David Ben-Gurion accepted the proposal. The Arabs who lived in the area that was set up to be an Arab State, along with 6 other Arab countries surrounding the not-yet formed Jewish State, all completely rejected the idea and began a massive war against Israel. As part of the battle, many Arabs left their homes – of their own volition – in order to clear the way for invading Arab armies. Before the State of Israel was declared, all of the Arab armies and Arab irregulars attacked the Jewish towns and small cities. They came from every direction – North, South, and East. They had more weapons, soldiers, and bullets than the Jewish defenders.

Israel paid a terrible price. Out of approximately 600,000 Jews who lived in what was the British Mandate until then, 6,000 Jews were killed – a full 1% of the entire Jewish population. The Arabs wanted to continue the Holocaust that had just been ended three years earlier. They hurt the Jewish people severely, but the State of Israel survived – barely – and despite losing some battles, Israel won the war and became a sovereign country. This despite all of the attempts to throw the Jews into the sea. Thus, the first group of tens of thousands of Arabs who vacated their homes in order to pave the way for the attack of Jews became Arab refugees. That is a good thing. The alternative would have been hundreds of thousands of Jews killed. The Arab refugees were accomplices to the attempted 2nd Holocaust.

Whenever anyone feels bad for Arab refugees from the “Nakba” in 1948, be aware that those Arab refugees were part of a massive attempt to kill hundreds of thousands of Jews.

The Arabs who live around Israel’s borders should be treated like Cuba – a rogue Communist nation that threatened the entire United States of America. So too, the Arabs who live near Israel’s borders and threaten Israel’s existence to this very day. A poor Cuba is a safe United States of America. Poor Arab refugees are much better than the alternative.


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