Scandal in Florida: Holocaust Denying School Principal Reinstated

by Phil Schneider

In Florida today, there is a principal who is neutral about whether or not the Holocaust happened. That’s right. You heard right – neutral as to whether the greatest systematic man-made human tragedy that has ever happened – actually happened. This is who is in charge of teaching hundreds of students – in a public shool in Florida.

Holocaust denial is not a new phenomenon. It existed during the Holocaust in the early 1940’s and continues to this very day. It would seem odd that today, people could still rationally state views of Holocaust denial. The Holocaust has thousands of hours of video evidence and tens of museums around the world teaching the horrors of the Holocaust in enormous detail. And more than anything else, there are indeed tens of thousands of Holocaust survivors alive today all over the world.

Holocaust education is important for many reasons. Most will think that we need to be aware of the dark nature of mankind. This is true. But, there are many aspects of the Holocaust that are very important that do not relate to the Nazis, but to their victims and opponents. The victims fought back – with close to nothing. They had no weapons, no power, and no chance of winning. But they still did whatever they could in order to stop this horrible event from continuing at the torrid pace of thouands of victims each day. They failed most of the time, but they did whatever little they could do – even if it meant saving somebody else’s life. The victims were powerless to win physcially, but many fought back spiritually by never giving up hope and believing in G-d until their bitter end. The physical and spiritual bravery of the victims is something that all of humanity should learn from the Holocaust.

But lastly, the response of the world to the plight of the homeless refugees -and then victims – should be taught by all to see what happens when isolationist tendencies overtake large parts of the population. The world is indeed a global village. If we choose to ignore what goes on in Europe or Asia, or the Middle East, we may well end up paying the price down the line. Kicking the can down the road is sometimes a good tactic. Sometimes, it is the worst of all options. Had the Nazis been taken seriously in the 1930’s, tens of millions of people would not have needed to die in order to save the planet in the 1940’s.

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