The Real Coup Is Coming

by Micha Gefen

We all know that Biden stands a good chance at winning. The question has always been, what has the left gained by helping another old politician reach the White House?

After all the left has always cared about only one thing – Revolution. So why Biden?

Biden is a tool to get the real left – the real revolution in power. The Left knows they cannot win a general election, but they do know Biden can. Once in, they will remove him and take over.

The Supreme Court will be packed, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico will become states, and a slew of new citizens will be admitted so that the hard left will never lose power again.

The set up here is clear. Trump provides the reason for the updated 25th Ammendment allowing the elites to remove the incoming President and thus permenantly taking over.

Blood Libel
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