San Diego State University invites Jew-hating Muslim to speak

by Avi Abelow

Call out San Diego State University for what they did! They should be condemned. Inviting someone to speak who gives speeches like THIS? HORRIFIC!

Shame on San Diego State University

San Diego State University, like other college campuses, has done something horribly antisemitic. They invited Ava Muhammad to speak about reparations. Who is Ava Muhammad? She is a spokesperson of the Nation of Islam. And truthfully, once you listen to her speak in this video, you don’t need to know much more. It is clear what her views are. It is clear what kind of person she is. Listening to Muhammad speak is difficult. Her repulsive way of speaking about the Jews is filled with lies. Her antisemitic remarks are among the worst.

From Dylan Meisner: My college, @SDSU, invited a spokesperson of the Nation of Islam, Ava Muhammad, to speak on campus about reparations. Here she is saying that Jews are “godless… blood-sucking parasites [that] sell us alcohol, drugs, depraved sex, and every other type of low-life thing.”

How can ANY college campus invite a woman who is filled with such hatred and antisemitism to speak? What does it teach the students?

Spreading Lies

Ava was applauded for her shameful statements about the Jewish people. But they are lies! And the truth is that the Jewish community helped the Black community during the Civil Rights Movement. And Martin Luther King Jr. supported Israel and the Jewish community. She invented an entire story about the Jewish people here that is not based on any facts at all. It is based solely on hate.

Muhammad is bringing shame to people like MLK Jr. who did so much for her community. And San Diego University is guilty for supporting people like her.

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