Rashida Tlaib’s insulting Hanukkah message…Over 2 Million Views

by Avi Abelow

Israel Advocacy Movement made a super-viral video, seen over 2 million times, that slammed Rashida Tlaib and the anti-Israel IfNotNow organization for their anti-Chanukah message on Twitter.

The funny irony of the happy Chanukah messages from anti-Israel people, like Tlaib, and anti-Israel organizations like IfNotNow is that the Chanukah holiday celebrates the Jewish connection to our ancestral homeland in Judea & Samaria, the same areas these anti-Israel peeps preach have no connection to Israel!

The holiday of Chanukah celebrates the successful Jewish rebellion in Judea against the Syrian Greeks over 2,000 years ago. Mostly all the battles the Maccabees wages against the Greeks took place in Judea & Samaria, as can be seen on this map below. How ironic that Tliab and the anti-Israel members of IfNotNow claim that Jews have no connection to our homeland. If only they actually knew what the holiday of Chanukah was about.

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