Fans at international basketball game burn Israeli flag and wave terrorist flags

by Leah Rosenberg

Aren’t sports supposed to be fun and competitive? Well, this international basketball game was turned into something terrible, thanks to antisemites.

International Basketball Game

Watching a video from this international basketball game is sad. At a game where an Israeli team was playing, AEK fans not only burned an Israeli flag, but they proudly displayed the terrorist flags of Hezbollah and the PLO. It is frightening. To see people stomping on democracy and flying flags of terrorism is horrific.

People have turned sports into something it shouldn’t be. Sports are supposed to be for entertainment. People are supposed to enjoy playing, and fans are supposed to enjoy watching. But look what has become of international sports. Too many have used it as a way to boycott Israel or demonize it.

How Will the World Respond?

They won’t respond. That’s the thing – they don’t care. If it were Israeli fans doing something so horrendous, the world would call Jews vicious names. But when it is others acting out against Jews, no one seems to care. It is accepted. And that is just the sad reality of the world we live in today.

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