The Haifa bay from a different view

by Phil Schneider

You have to love the beauty that drones have the ability to capture. Take a look at the Haifa bay from above! Isn’t it stunning? Haifa is the 3rd largest city of the State of Israel. It is basically in the northwestern area of the State of Israel. Haifa was known as the red city a few decades ago as it was the most socialist-filled city in the country. There were marches signifying the importance of socialism. But today, Haifa has modernized and largely moved on from it’s past.

Haifa Port

The largest port in the State of Israel is the Haifa port. More Jewish people came to the Land of Israel via boat at the Haifa port than any other way in the early years of the State of Israel. Before the establishment of the State of Israel, there was around a decade of massive illegal immigration of the Jewish people from around the world. Most of it was via the Haifa port.

Every day in Europe, thousands of Jewish people were killed between the years of 1939 and 1945. On some days, tens of thousands of Jews were killed in a single day. That is how the total ended up at an astounding number of millions of Jewish people – more than 6 million Jews killed – in this most horrible calamity engineered by the German Nazis and their collaborators against the Jewish people. Obviously, this led to hundreds of thousands of Jews desperately looking for refuge in order to save their lives. The British Empire closed their doors to the Jewish people and did not allow the Jews to run away to the Land of Israel. But somehow, thousands ended up on ships and any path out of mainland Europe in order to escape the Nazi threat.

Once they reached the shores of the Land of Israel, the locals did anything possible to help the fleeing immigrants. This drove the imperialist British occupiers crazy. The British sent thousands of fleeing refugees to Cyprus and interned them there in very difficult conditions. But more often than not, the Jewish people persevered and made it into the Land of Israel. Haifa is the city in Israel that most pre-State pioneers came to first when they arrived. Today, it is a sprawling city on a mountain ridge that towers over the Mediterranean coast below. Enjoy the view!

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