Larry Elder defends Israel and the Jewish people

by Avi Abelow

Larry Elder strongly calls out his own community for their ignorance about history and the Jewish people. He shares the truth!

Larry Elder Defends the Jews

It is amazing to hear when people are brave enough to defend Israel and the Jewish people. In a world where it sadly seems more popular to demonize the Jewish state, it is important to recognize and commend all those who actually stand up for it.

Larry Elder shares the truth. The fact that he recognizes that so many people are ignorant and have history all wrong is unique. Also, it is sometimes hard to call out our own for doing and thinking the wrong thing. And he has no problem condemning his own community.

Relationship Between Blacks & Jews

As Elder points out, the Jewish community and the Black community have had close ties throughout the decades. Many Jews were involved in the Civil Rights Movement and helped the Black community. And Martin Luther King Jr. supported the state of Israel and the Jewish people. There was a mutual understanding between the two people.

Hopefully, more people will listen to and learn the truth about this topic. Do people really want to be ignorant?

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