Russia Threatens Israel Against Arming Ukraine

by David Mark

Prime Minister Netanyahu is receiving enormous pressure from Western powers – especially the United States – to supply Ukraine with the Iron Dome defense system.

This would be an extreme break with Netanyahu’s traditional “neutral” approach to conflicts not directly involving Israel. However, given the fact that Iran is providing advanced drones to Russia to use them against Ukraine – the same drones that are being produced to potentially attack the State of Israel – Russia’s war against Ukraine is increasingly becoming connected with Iran’s obsession with destroying Israel.

This connection does not seem to matter to Putin.

Putin has already warned Israel after the latter supposedly destroyed an advanced drone manufacturing facility near Ifshan, Iran. Now with the latest reports indicating that Israel is mulling sending Ukraine the Iron Dome system – Russia has begun to threaten serious consequences if the deal goes through.

While it’s premature to predict a coming conflict between Russia and Israel – it’s not far fetched to assume Putin will tighten the screws on the Jewish State. Israel it seemed has reckoned that perhaps it’s time for neutrality to drop since Russia already has.

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