Russia and China Join Forces For This Phase of WW3

by David Mark

Last week the world witnessed the Chinese Communist Party join up with the Russian military in the latter’s Far East. This happened despite the war waging to Russia’s West in the Ukraine.

This development, coupled with the blockade of Taiwan by mainland China has alarmed everyone around the world. At the same time Iran hurdles towards an actual nuclear weapon. WW3 fears are often times exaggerated, but it appears we have already entered the early stages of the third World War.

When Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, there was still over a year to go before Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. No one at the time of Germany’s invasion of Poland denied the world had entered into another World War.

Here we have Russia and Belarus allying against Ukraine. Kazakistan appears to be on Russia’s side as well. Serbia, with the help of Russia is preparing to go after Kosovo. NATO is actively expanding into Sweden and Finland while aiding Ukraine against Russia.

With China most likely preparing a full scale invasion of Taiwan – WW3 is now upon us.

So where is Biden in all of this? Unfortunately, he is slipping more and more into dementia, while not only the world burns around him, but civil unrest and fears of civil war are growing within America itself.

There is only one way forward – trust. Trust and faith in the Almighty. At the end that is what will see us through.

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