When Governor DeSantis Dropped a Bomb on Disney and the CCP

by Phil Schneider

There is a breath of fresh air in the United States today. His name is Ron DeSantis. This young Governor of Florida is the most refreshing voice of reason and morals today. More importantly, he knows how to lead and not back down in the face of all that is wrong with American society today.

Most people that grew up in the Ivy League world that Ron DeSantis grew up in do not view the world through the same lens as he does. Why? One key word – history. Gov. DeSantis is a student of history and that is what informs every decision that he makes.

There are very few people today in positions of leadership who come at issues from a vantage point of knowledge as he does. That does not make him perfect, but it makes him qualified. Just as importantly, he sees the dangerous trajectory that college campuses have taken and how that has affected the world negatively. He is determined to keep the United States from driving off the cliff via self-destructive progressive policies.

Today’s day and age is not a time to straddle the fence and speak in an open-minded way about the different opinions that are circulating. There is an absolute truth on many matters and there are absolute lies. There is an absolute truth that says that there are men and women in this world, and there are lies that claim that this is simply not the case. DeSantis stands up proudly and declares that lies are lies, even if it means that tens of millions of dollars will leave Florida. It is not fashionable, and it has put him into the negative spotlight by much of the anti-truth press coverage that is filled with progressive garbage.

But DeSantis doesn’t back down. Even more impressively, he sidesteps any form of a showdown with Donald Trump, displaying good political acumen. After all, Donald Trump is the person that feels most threatened by Gov. DeSantis. DeSantis agrees with many if not most of Donald Trump’s policy positions, yet lacks all of the bad character baggage that Trump brings to the table. If Gov. DeSantis is smart, he will sit out 2024, and emerge as the 50-51 year old front runner in 2028 – no matter who wins the White House in 2024.

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