Why Is Biden Still Sending Weapons To Ukraine?

by David Mark

History has a way of shifting when we least expect it. Empires crash and fall, not because of some sort of external enemy, but rather from squandering their capital on misadventures without realizing just how powerful their enemies truly are. If Afghanistan was a reminder of how weak the US position is around the world, Ukraine appears to be the moment the world realized just how naked the emperor truly is.

From the beginning of the current conflict in Ukraine we have been told that Russia cannot possibly win. The evidence for that was the failed Russian siege of Kiev. It was a failure only for the social media platforms and MSM. Real war always involves measure and potential for loss and misfortune. The difference between the victors and losers is the ability to pivot in real time and recalculate and recalibrate to assure victory.

It seems that Putin and his military have done that. They have refocused entirely on freeing the Donbas – the area that had been the casus belli for invading Ukraine from the beginning. With Mariupol now under the control of Russia (save for those fighters and civilians holed up in the Azovstal Steel Plant), Russian forces can undertake the long-awaited pincer move from the South and the North against Ukrainian troops in the Donbas.

Soon the majority of Ukrainian troops will be cut off and defeated by Russian troops – handing not just the Donbas, but probably everything East of the Dnieper River over to Russia. This will not only be a defeat for Ukraine, ultimately splitting the country in half, but it will be a defeat for NATO – most notably the USA.

The Biden administration is trying to rush billions of dollars of aid in weapons to Ukraine, but it seems that Russia has figured out how to destroy the aid before it gets to Ukraine’s East.

With the splitting of Ukraine into East and West, Russia can claim victory and NATO will look like a failure. Odessa will be the only access to the sea for a very shrunken Ukraine. With Russian forces to the West in Moldova’s break away republic of  Transinistria and sitting close in the Donbas, Odessa will fall as well.

The USA under President Biden is on a decline. Wasting more money and weapons on a war that was primarily designed to weaken Russia, will only quicken the pace of the collapse. NATO’s reaction to the war caused China to draw close to Russia and drove Russians to support Putin.

It seems like Russia and China have succeeded in turning NATO into a broken alliance, addicted to Russian oil and cheap goods from Chinese factories. The USA may not be dependent on Russian oil, but the petrodollar needs to be the sole power over the oil trade to stay afloat and even that is gone.

So why is the USA focused on keeping the war going with more weapons?

Biden’s government and those in the elitist World Economic Forum have long seen a post American world order, where governments control the citizens’ wealth and reset how economies are run. With inflation increasing and food prices rising rapidly, a war between Ukraine and Russia, which together make up a third of global grain exports will drive the price of food and energy so high that Western governments will be the only address for their citizens’ salvation.

We are told that Russia is the reason for inflation and soaring food and energy prices, but the war – designed and prolonged by NATO appears to be the real reason. Conflict breeds anarchy and anarchy always brings a new order. While Russia and China spread their authoritarian wings across Eurasia, the West appears ready to descend into a new order of its own. This order will be a bizarre neo-fascism, where government plays the role of God and the determiner of our fate.

The world has long past the point of dystopia. It is now just confusing and dark. However, freedom has always rested in the minds and hearts of the individual rather than governments, which are as fallible as the collective elite running them. America as a bureaucracy may be dying, but the ideals of its founders and the bible they based much of their ideas on are eternal and can be carried by the individual no matter where they are found in the world.

Darkness always precedes light – but the choice to decide correctly is only ours to make. Are we ready?

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