Violence Continues Against Israel As Bennett Closes Temple Mount To Jews

by Micha Gefen

Jews have been banned from the Temple Mount during the final ten days of Ramadan in order to tame the radical Islamic terrorists who have taken over Judaism’s holiest site.

Multiple government officials have stated that although Jews have a right to pray on the Temple Mount – this right must be restricted in order not to offend Muslims and cause them to be more violent. With Ra’am, an Islamist party in the coalition and the government itself lacking a majority, the Temple Mount violence means that Bennett has no choice but to hold back on clamping down on Hamas led violence.

This has backfired as Hamas in Gaza used the violence they provoked as a reason to attack the Jewish state. The terror group fired at least three rockets at southern towns in Israel as a response to the minimal police action that was taken against arab rioters on the Temple Mount.

With Bennett about to be ousted from the premiership he has only one path if he wants to hold on – go strongly against violence in order to rebuild his rightwing bonafides. Even then, his base may never forgive him.

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