Rudy Giuliani reveals facts about Iran that they don’t want you to know

by Phil Schneider

Rudy Giuliani reveals facts about Iran that they don’t want you to know

Iran has generally speaking not hid their true intentions. They want to dominate the Middle East, destroy Israel and become a world power via nuclear weapons. They were given much leeway by the Obama administration and maximized their rush towards their goals under his 8 years of non-leadership. But, now they have met their match. President Trump understands very well that the Iranian threat is still not a major international threat as of yet. But, it has the potential to grow into that if it is not checked. He and Prime Minister Netanyahu agree on this matter.

Trust in the Middle East

The most basic element of a sound foreign policy in the Middle East is to never trust anyone who makes promises. The modern history of the Middle East is replete with lies, exaggerations, and promises that are dismissed without any hesitation. There is very little importance to agreements that are made between two countries. However, there have been exceptions. Israel’s peace treaty with Jordan was one of the best examples of the kind of agreements that need to be reached. No land swaps, lots of economic incentives, and minimal trust. It was not a major, earth shattering agreement for either country at the time. But, it has lasted for more than 20 years, and has proven to be a good example of how to strengthen the moderate – even if not democratic – voices in the Middle East. The Bahrain conference is another example of this. It will probably not lead to any earth shattering changes quickly. But, it was noticed by many – especially the younger and more open heirs to the thrones in the various Arab countries in the Middle East. They now understand that the rewards of peace can include billions of dollars of investment from the West. Yes, some of these silver-spooned heirs to the throne do indeed care about bringing wealth to many of their subjects – especially if it can solidify their hold on their throne.

Iran is different. The goal should be revolutionary – nothing less. The moderate voices in Iran are silenced by the tyrannical, radical minority that has dominated Iran since 1979. Any form of support for mass demonstrations should be the policy of the US govt. This coupled with strict economic sanctions is the sound policy towards weakening and ultimately changing the resins of power in that corner of the Middle East.

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