Why you can’t be pro-Islam and pro-gay rights

by Leah Rosenberg

Many Progressives pride themselves on being pro-Islam. And then they also pride themselves on being pro-gay rights. But can you really be both?

Pro-Islam OR Pro-Gay Rights?

It is one or the other. You cannot be both. Candace Owens and Dave Rubin discuss the contradiction.

In Muslim countries, they throw gay people off buildings. They stone them to death. They hang them. It is completely contradictory to say that you support the religion of Islam AND gay rights. Those are just the facts. You cannot argue with the plain and simple facts.

Ilhan Omar and Her Facade

Ilhan Omar acts as if she supports transgenders and gays, but then she also is an Islamist. She is a Muslim who supports the Quran and Sharia Law. That is inconsistent. Dave Rubin brings up a point that the world needs to realize: When people try to debate Omar (and others like her) on this issue, she just responds that the person debating her is a racist. A bigot. Someone who hates Islam. Omar has no real way to defend herself, and so she plays the racist card.

But some people have enough sense to not fall for that. Some people understand that you cannot be both pro-Islam and pro-gay rights. Like Rubin says, that does not mean that there is not a Muslim in the world who supports gays. What it means is that the ideology of Islam and its set of laws totally contradict supporting gay rights. Omar tries to play the racist card, but let’s just call a spade a spade.

Debunking Media Lies
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