Toronto Muslim says gays should be executed

by Leah Rosenberg

This Toronto Muslim did NOT hold back. He was very straight forward about all his gruesome beliefs. Some of what he said was so irrational, you’ll laugh.

Toronto Muslim on a Rant

During this “interview,” this Toronto Muslim had a lot to say. From the fact that he believes Sharia Law will take over Canada to saying he was “executed” for being Muslim, some of it is actually so ridiculous that it’s entertaining to listen to. The Muslim goes on and on…and on. He barely even lets David Menzies get a word in! But when Menzies is able to speak, he stays calm and composed, and he is also able to perfectly respond to everything that this radical Muslim says.

The Disturbing Belief System

It would be one thing if this Muslim was just a “crazy man.” But the problem is that there are many many more Muslims in Toronto and around the entire world who hold the exact same beliefs as this Toronto Muslim. They want Sharia Law to rule over the world. They believe that Muslims are going to take over. It is frightening. It is disturbing. But it is the truth! And if we don’t spread the truth and show the world what is happening in Western countries, then the result will be tragic.

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