An imam’s message from the Auschwitz death camp

by Leah Rosenberg

Seeing the horrors at the Auschwitz death camp is definitely not easy. But it is so important to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive. You gotta see this.

Auschwitz Death Camp

It is common for the Jewish people to visit the Auschwitz death camp as well as other concentration camps where the Nazis committed the worst atrocities. But how often do you have an imam visit? How often are people like Mohamad Tawhidi willing to risk their lives to share the truth? Sadly, not often. Listening to Imam Tawhidi is extremely powerful. Hearing him speak about the millions of Jews that were murdered in the Holocaust is so important. So many deny the Holocaust ever even happened, or they deny how many Jews were killed, but Tawhidi went to the actual place of so much death. He chooses to fight against antisemitism.

Imam Tawhidi’s Message

“Never Again.” Tawhidi wants the world to remember how crucial it is that “this never happens again. That the atmosphere for this is never created again. That we do not pave the way for these crimes to happen again.”

This imam is particularly speaking to the American Congress and about those in it who are extremely antisemitic. The fact that an imam has the courage to speak out against the people in his religion who are radicals is unique. Listening to Mohamad Tawhidi speak from Auschwitz against antisemitism and hatred is reassuring that there are good people in the world. There are people who stand up to the horrific antisemitism that has been taking place worldwide, and now even in the American Congress. If only the rest of the world had the courage to speak up.

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