HUGE Trump Win Over the Jew-Hating Squad of Four

by Avi Abelow

Don’t miss this fascinating analysis by centrist vlogger Tim Pool. He does a thorough analysis on the outcome of President Trump’s Tweetstorm against the Democrat squad of four. Pool calls it a 4D chess strategy, explaining how President Trump totally set the agenda, with the Democratic party and the media falling for the bait, and allowing the President to achieve a number of wins.

Obviously, we are happy to see the squad of four lose in this duel with the President. These are a group of freshman Congresswoman who say hateful things against America, while also sowing the seeds of hatred against the Jews and the Jewish state of Israel. They are bad news, trying to paint Israel and America out to be like Nazi Germany in the sneaky terminology they use.

As Tim Pool describes himself:

Trump Won, Sees Record High Approval Even AFTER Offensive Tweets. Trump was heavily criticized over offensive tweets he published on July 14th by almost everyone outside his base. The left, the right, and obviously the far left were very critical. Many saw Trump’s plan to force Democrats to rally around the far left progressives known as “The Squad.” Ilhan Omar and Ocasio-Cortez are now some of the most notable democrats as per Trump’s plan. But many thought it would be a Pyrrhic victory and he would face recoil. Instead, Trump is seeing a record high approval rating even after the offensive tweets. It seems that not only to many Americans not care about the rhetoric and accusations but that many actually liked Trump’s tweets increasing his approval rating. In the end Trump has won. Approval rating up, and far left progressive democrats are front and center.

Another Spot-On Analysis

Roe vs. Wade

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