Remembering the terror victims at the Gush Etzion cemetery for Israel’s Memorial Day

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s a tragic reality that the list of terror victims in Israel is long. And sadly, by Israel’s Memorial Day each year, the list gets longer.

List of Terror Victims in Gush Etzion

The list of terror victims being read here is only the list from Gush Etzion. Unfortunately, there are many, many other lists. It is a heartbreaking reality in Israel. Every year on Memorial Day, Israelis remember. They remember the fallen soldiers and the victims of terror. They remember the lives that were cut too short for the “crime” of living in the Jewish homeland.

The last name on this list is Ari Fuld. In September 2018, he was stabbed outside a grocery store in the Judean Hills, and yet he managed to shoot the terrorist and stopped him from harming others. He was a superhero, to say the least.

Friends and family of Ari and other victims remember their loved ones not only on Israel’s Memorial Day, but everyday.

The message to Israel’s enemies is clear: The Jewish people are fighters. They are strong and stubborn, and they don’t plan to go anywhere. They are living in G-d’s land again after 2,000 years, and people like Ari Fuld, may his memory be a blessing, would only want more Jews to come.

So to the Jewish people: Come home.

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