Arabs throw stones and molotov cocktails at IDF patrol with no consequence

by Leah Rosenberg

Once again, an IDF patrol was attacked by Arabs. Where is the outrage? This should not be tolerated. And yet, the violence continues.

IDF Patrol gets Attacked Again

Why won’t the leadership stop this violence against our soldiers? This is not the first time an IDF patrol has been ambushed. Unfortunately, today’s leadership is very much influenced by the thinking of the left that harming or killing Arabs throwing rocks and molotov cocktails will create headlines that they believe will do more damage than good, that would lead to more violence. However, they are ignoring the fact that allowing continuous generations of Arab youth to freely throw rocks and molotov cocktails at IDF soldiers emboldens them to use violence, enabling the continuation of the conflict even longer than necessary. Because they know that IDF soldiers don’t do anything, they then also throw rocks and molotov cocktails at innocent Jews and even Arabs. One is a direct result of the other.

The way to stop violence is to stop violence before it escalates so that our enemies know anytime they use violence they will suffer immediate and severe consequences, even if it’s “just” rock throwing – which can actually kill people.   

No country would tolerate this. No country would think twice about protecting its soldiers from terrorists like these. And yet, Israel is being pressured not to do anything to protect its defenders of the land.

Arab Incitement
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