Jonathan Pollard’s First Israeli Independence Day In Freedom

by David Mark

An emotional moment as Jonathan Pollard celebrated Yom Haatmaut in Jerusalem, finally free.

There is almost no need to write anything to describe the powerful moment Jonathan Pollard’s celebration of Yom Haatzmaut conveys. Freedom is beyond uplifting, it is the light which drives us all. There are challenges for all of us, but Pollard’s redemption after so many years of rotting in jail after he put himself on the line for Israel, shows us that redemption is palpable and real.

In many ways his redemption is a microcosm of our own national redemption. He knows he is finally home. Now it is our turn.

Sometimes we just have to open our eyes and express gratitude for the miracles in our lives.

Happy Independence Day from the Heartland of Israel!

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