Remembering Sharansky’s Freedom From Captivity

by Phil Schneider

Anatoly Sharansky was the symbol of the fight for freedom for Jews from the Soviet Union. He was imprisoned for around 9 years due to the crime of wanting to live as a free person in the Jewish homeland, the State of Israel. He was taken into prison right after his wedding to Avital. Avital proceeded to travel around the entire world and to plead for help in order to free her husband. She made it to the Oval Office too. What is rarely known is that there were literally millions of Jews who were basically imprisoned in the massive Soviet Union. Sharansky was just the most famous one.

Sharansky did not just suffer in prison. He fought back – every day of his life – for the right to be a free man. He proved the Russian authorities – every day that he was there – that actually, he was the one that was free and they were the ones who were in jail. His story is the story of freedom of the spirit overcoming physical slavery.

But he did much more than help pry open the walls of the prison that was the Soviet Union. He helped bring down the entire Soviet Union. He is an absolute modern-day hero that should be looked up to by all freedom-loving people. George W. Bush understood this and deeply admired Anatoly Sharansky. Sharansky has gone on to become a national leader in the State of Israel. He will probably one day become the President of the State of Israel. His stories of his time in the prison cells still bring tears to nearly every one who hears them. He is also one of the many reasons that so many of the Jews in Israel from the former Soviet Union stay in the State of Israel and are imbued with a strong sense of Zionism.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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