Has AOC Gone Off The Deep End?

by Phil Schneider

Border legislation should not only be about limiting who comes in – but it should most certainly be focused – first and foremost – on keeping out the most dangerous people. Of course, some families should be allowed in – especially if they are reuniting with their immediate families and they pose no danger. But, some of our elected leadership seem solely focused on bringing in as many non-Republican voters as possible, and care very little about the negative impact it will have on our way of life in America.

The inclination towards isolationism often goes hand and hand with a strict attitude towards immigration. This is a mistake. Those who preach towards a more careful approach to immigration should also be the ones who preach a more careful approach vis-a-vis the rest of the world. Careful on foreign policy does not mean less intervention. It means more intervention, but less nation-building. It means getting involved in order to contain things abroad from spilling over into the Western world.

This is one of the key lessons of World War II. Hitler’s Nazi regime could have been contained rather easily if all of the Western powers stopped him in Austria or Czechoslovakia. Instead, the attitude of pacifying a dictator accomplished the exact opposite. It only whet his appetite even more towards more aggression. And once the Nazis received the agreement and collaboration of the Soviet Union in order to take over Poland, it was too late to contain the Nazi threat. Within a matter of months, most of Western Europe was gobbled up, and the march of the Nazis as they took over more and more of the world continued. By that point, it would take millions of soldiers who would be killed – on multiple fronts – in order to halt the Nazis. It would have taken far less had the Allies intervened early on. The battles should have been fought in a few months back in 1938, not between 1940-1945.

As far as immigration issues, either we fight to hold on to the United States now, or we will face an impossible uphill battle over the next few decades with a fifth column of millions of people fighting to destroy our way of life from within. The time to work hard to control things is now.

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