Ben Shapiro pinpoints the importance of Joe Biden’s downfall

by Phil Schneider

Watch Ben Shapiro’s commentary from the time period of the Democratic primaries when Joe Biden’s campaign for the Democratic nomination looked like it would continue to spiral downward. Ben Shapiro discussed why this happened and what the ramifications were.

Ultimately, according to Shapiro there really is not much of a difference between Biden or Buttigeig who are considered “moderates,” and Sanders who is considered far left. Except, the first two want to change gradually, and Sanders wants it immediately. The only reason why the Democratic party wants a Biden or Buttigieg is for optics. “No one will elect a socialist” the saying goes.

Shapiro agrees. On the prospect of a Sanders nomination he says, “The Democrats are freaking out. Whom shall they turn to. As Biden fades, people are increasingly turning to Michael Bloomberg.” Essentially, the Democratic party is tearing itself apart. Even more importantly, the mask that has covered up the socialist undertones of the party is coming off.

Now that Biden is President, we can see clearly how right on Ben Shapiro was in his analysis of the true nature of the Democrat party today.


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