Proving Why Anti-Zionism is Really Antisemitism

by Phil Schneider

Nobody proves a point better than Dennis Prager and PragerU. And when it comes to Israel, there is no clearer viewpoint than the ones espoused by the experts of PragerU. They cut right through all of the noise and get to the heart of the matter – in less than 5 minutes. Today, the modern version of anti-semitism is anti-Zionism. It’s really a very easy litmus test to see right through. But there were some wise people who foresaw this decades ago.

The double standards applied to the State of Israel are so transparent that even the opponents of the State of Israel know that they are not truly driven by justice, but by straight out hatred of the Jewish people. Mortimer Zuckerman wrote about this years ago in an Op-ed in the US News & World Report. He explained that the Jewish people should perhaps be kept to a higher standard. Yes, he went on to explain, if the Jewish people were 10 % better than the rest of the world, then they will be a light unto the nations. But if they are 25% better than the rest of the world, then they will be dead.

This is something that Dennis Prager and Mortimer Zuckerman understand so much better than others. Israel – from before Day 1 of the Jewish State, continues to face existential threats – every day of it’s existence. When Jew-haters spew their anti-Israel venom, they really mean it. This is one of the clearest lessons of Jewish History. Therefore, we take them seriously. How to deal with them can be argued. But nobody should treat the anti-Israel rhetoric as mere rhetoric. It’s downright serious and dangerous. Respect your enemies and prepare to fight back. Otherwise, they will succeed.

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