United Nations Stacked Against Israel, Can It Be Stopped?

by Micha Gefen

While the United Nations had a hand in creating the State of Israel, it has in the years since been an adversary to the one and only Jewish sate.

In the above interview on the Bolt, Hillel Neuer explains why the UN Human Rights Council is a complete farce as it is led by China, Cuba, and Saudi Arabia.

“It is the most cynical forum you can imagine that turn human rights on it head.”

Most members are human right violators themselves. “George Orwell could not have imagined a more Orwellian body.”

So what is the driving force behind the forum? It appears the forum’s only function is to attack Israel. The Bolt’s interviewer points out: “Israel is the only country singled out for specific treatment” on the council.

The council has created an agenda item only for Israel. It is the only country in the entire world that has its agenda item on the UN Human Rights Council. “It use modern form for a rather very ancient hatred.” Neuer says, referring to antisemitism.

Israel Memorial Day
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