Arabs Are Obsessed With This Video and Its Hatred of Jews

by Phil Schneider

The internet is the front-line of the battle for the minds of young people today. It is the location where most young people spend the majority of their time – in their bedrooms, in their schools, in the bathrooms, on the bus or train. Anybody who is in touch with youth today knows how hard it is to talk with any teenager today due to the widespread addiction that they have to their smartphones.

The amount of anti-semitism online today is a clear reflection of what people think in the outside world. The most important way to combat this is to make sure that the best and brightest young minds today who are pro-Israel fill the internet with pro-Israel messaging. Our #1 weapon needs to be the truth.

The key to this is engaging videos that are spread via Facebook and Instagram, and that are entertaining. That is the key – how much the message entertains. This is not something that will cost tens of millions of dollars. For tens of thousands of dollars, hundreds of thousands of young Arabs – all over the world, can be reached with the truth – in Arabic. But the key to this is a data-based entertainment strategy to combat the evil outside. One of the reasons why the internet is so powerful is that minds can be impacted in private. They just need to be convinced of the futility and lies of anti-Israel propaganda. This is more within reach than many people may realize. Otherwise, they’ll just keep watching garbage like the above video.

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