Progressive Lovefest with Terror Supporters that Want to Destroy Israel

by Avi Abelow

Meet the Jewish progressive leader and the Jew-hating terrorist: J Street leader Jeremy Ben-Ami warmly embraces terrorist, Holocaust denier, anti-Semite Mahmoud Abbas.

There are many American progressive Jews who profess to be pro-Israel, yet are anything but. They are more interested in turning Israel into a utopia for their progressive values, with little care for the actual welfare and security of their Jewish brethren in the State of Israel. These are the American progressive Jews who hate President Trump, are silent about the growing antisemitism from Democratic politicians and only call out antisemitism when it comes from white-supremacists.

J-Street is one of these progressive organizations. Jeremy Ben-Ami represents many of them as the leader of J-Street, an organization that calls itself “pro-Israel, yet joins anti-Israel organizations in DC to lobby against US policies supported by the Israeli government, like the Trump peace deal, and instead lobby for US policies that are harmful to Israel, like the Iran deal.

You would think that the World Zionist Congress would repudiate any organizations or individuals like J-Street, yet it isn’t. The World Zionist Congress is allowing the progressive Hatikvah list to run , which includes J-Street’s leader Jeremy Ben-Ami. In order to highlight this extremely dangerous list, a true Zionist list called Herut, produced the following video above as part of their election campaign.

The progressive list Hatikvah is taking Herut to court for the production of this video, which just provides factual truths exposing one of their candidates, Jeremy Ben-Ami.

The video details facts about Abbas (president of the PA and chairman of the PLO), including his $100M net worth, torture of his own people, Holocaust denials, and payments in excess of $330M to terrorists as reward money for killing and maiming Israelis and Americans.

The video then introduces Jeremy Ben Ami, president of J Street, part of the Hatikvah slate. The video mentions meetings between Abbas, a leading financier of terrorism, and J Street, and Abbas’s thanking J Street for their continued support and lobbying efforts “to the detriment of Israel.” (Per the video.)

The video further shares a picture of an embrace and warm, affectionate greeting between Abbas and Ben Ami when they met in New York on February 12, 2020. Herut then advises viewers that Ben Ami is a candidate on the Hatikvah slate for WZC, and asks, “Do you want to see a friend, a partner of Mahmoud Abbas as part of our 38th World Zionist Congress?”

The follow-up remark on the video, the comment that resulted in Hatikvah filing a complaint against Herut with the American Zionist Movement (the organization that oversees and administers the U.S. elections) was “J Street’s efforts undermine Israel’s sovereignty and security and are counter-Zionistic.” Interestingly, the Hatikvah complaint failed to raise an issue with the video’s following statement: “If you say no to Abbas’s “pay for slay” of the Jews, then say no to the friends of Abbas; say no to J Street.”

Herut counsel and slate member Daniel Kaskel, Esq. of Boca Raton, Florida, filed a response with AZM on behalf of Herut. In his response, Kaskel introduces the Tribunal to 11 Israelis murdered by Palestinian terrorists. The names include Rina Shnerb, Ori Ansbacher, baby boy Amiad Israel Ish-Ran, Kim Levengrond Yehezkel and Ari Fuld. Kaskel’s response continues: “Sadly, the list of Israelis murdered, maimed, kidnapped in terror attacks; the families that are forever scarred, number in the thousands. The eleven named above represent a tiny fraction of Israelis killed by terrorists in recent years. And what does every terror attack, regardless of modus operandi, have in common? The Palestinian Authority, at the direction of Mahmoud Abbas, compensates the perpetrator. The policy of “pay for slay” encourages the murder of Israelis. It is abhorrent, vile and entirely indefensible.”

Kaskel makes further arguments, including J Street’s lobbying on behalf of the Palestinian Authority for dubious “humanitarian aid,” and details Abbas’s Palestinian Authority Martyrs Fund, which has disbursed well in excess of $1 billion to compensate terrorists.

The Herut response concludes:

“Abbas has Israeli (and American) blood on his hands. This is no secret. He has placed a bounty on the head of every Jew in Israel. Whether approaching and understanding Zionism from the right, left or center, religious or secular, when did it become acceptable to partner with and support, in any manner, an organization determined to kill Jews? A slate should not be penalized for sharing facts pertaining to other slates or their constituents. The [AZM election] Rules were specifically not intended to provide immunity from objective observation and commentary. If a slate or constituent does not like facts and commentary regarding one of its alliances or affiliations, the solution is to end the alliance rather than seek to penalize and stifle other slates from sharing and commenting.

“For those who look to Zionist leadership to advance the dreams of their grandparents and prevent the atrocities through which too few Jews survived; for those wishing to cast a vote for their vision and brand of Zionism, they have the absolute right to be informed of the alliances and coalitions of the WZC slates and constituent organizations. And for the victims of terrorism and their families, for baby boy Amiad Israel Ish-Ran and the thousands of others, we, as the Zionist leadership, have the obligation to inform.”

Click here to vote for one of the true pro-Israel organizations, to ensure that the dangerous and progressive Hatikvah slate does not succeed in weakening the Jewish state of Israel with their progressive values.

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