AOC Complains About Weaponizing Religion And Then Does It Herself

by Phil Schneider

Freedom of religion is one of the central tenets of a free society. The founding fathers intended for it to be one of the hallowed values that brought people together in the Union based on freedom and mutual respect. To some freshman congresswomen, this in no way reflects the reality of life in the United States that we should be proud of. They want to remove some of these values and put in a progressive mindset instead that ridicules and degrades any form of religious activity.

The Founding Fathers intended for the main pursuit of the people to not be driven first and foremost by religion. However, they did indeed want religious underpinnings to be a central aspect of the value system that people adhered to. By so doing, they hoped to avert religious wars that plagued Europe in the previous centuries. But they hoped that people would focus on the spirit of capitalism and financial pursuits as opposed to religious passions.

We must all be proud of The Constitution. It is the most enduring legal founding document of nearly any society that has bonded the United States of America since it’s early years. The brilliance of it’s authors has been proven time and again. But what we need more of in the USA is religion – not religious passion – but a simple modesty that is based on the simple, yet powerful principle, “In God We Trust.” AOC and her cohorts cannot be accused of trusting in the same God. Trusting in God is not weaponizing religion. It is simply a form of modesty and truth.

Dr. Risch

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