Prince William Stoned by Palestinian Arabs During his Visit to Ramallah

by Avi Abelow

You probably won’t see this in the mainstream news.  Arab media sources (English translation) are reporting that on his drive north of Ramallah, “palestinian” Arab kids threw stones at Prince William’s car.

As Prince William’s convoy was driving through the Jelazun refugee camp north of Ramallah, Arab children threw rocks at his car. This was a very embarrassing event for Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority. The official excuse for the stoning of Prince William was that they didn’t “prepare” the residents of the refugee camp for the Prince’s arrival.

Video of Prince Williams with Abbas

At this moment, no video footage of the stoning has been released. Below is a video of Prince William’s visit in Ramallah with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas.

We have a number of problems with this whole situation.

1. Regarding the stoning. The norm is for these children to stone cars that they don’t like, for whatever reason. That is simply not normal. Yet, they stone Jewish cars all the time.  Stones injure and sometimes kill, yet the world media is silent.
2. We see no reporting of this incident by the mainstream Western media.  Why? They can’t make the Arabs look bad for how they act?
3. We don’t see the Prince or his entourage questioning why after over 20 years of Palestinian Authority rule, people still live in horrible refugee camps! The Palestinian Authority has received billions of dollars in international aid to improve life for Arabs. They have had over 20 years to build proper housing and tear down the refugee camps. Yet they haven’t. And the Prince doesn’t ask why.
4. Prince William also doesn’t ask why Mahmoud Abbas is still the President in the 12th year of what was supposed to be a 4 year rule.
5. The biggest problem is actually the quote of the Prince himself in the above video. He calls “Palestine” a country. Yet it is not.

As journalist Melanie Phillips wrote today, “Of course, there is no country called Palestine.  Abbas’ strategy of war against Israel is to assert that there is, not just in contradiction of the truth, but in flagrant repudiation of the PA’s international legal agreements.”

Apolitical Trip?

While the British Foreign Office wanted this visit to be “apolitical,” the whole trip has basically been political from start to finish. First the British Foreign Office calls the Old City of Jerusalem “Occupied Palestinian Territory.”  Then Prince William refuses to meet the Mayor of Jerusalem in Jerusalem.  And now this visit in Ramallah.

The sad irony is that the British connection to our situation today is totally political. They are very much to blame for the whole mess today called the “palestine” narrative.  It was the British who signed the Balfour Declaration that designated Israel as the ancestral homeland for the Jews. The British committed to facilitate the Jewish people in creating the Jewish state. Instead, after signing the declaration, the British turned on the Jews and stopped Jews from entering the British Mandate of Palestine. Hundreds of thousands of Jews would have been saved from the Nazis in the Holocaust, with refuge in #Israel, had the British been flexible.  Instead, the British arrested them and turned them back. Also, had the British acted according to the Balfour Declaration, nobody would have invented the fake narrative called “palestine” in order to destroy Israel.

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