England soccer fans do Nazi Salute during World Cup

by Avi Abelow

Horrible! It is scary to see these English soccer fans sing Nazi songs with their salute at the World Cup games in Russia.

World Cup Downtime

These soccer fans were videoed in a pub, between games at the World cup in Russia. Maybe they were drunk. But who cares. Whether they were drunk or not, it shows the natural tendency to revert to anti-semitic behavior. Are we living in 1943 or 2018?


It is despicable and sad to think that seventy years after the Holocaust, people still support Hitler and the Nazis.

Don’t they know the evil that Hitler and the Nazis represented? Don’t they know that six million Jews were dehumanized and brutally murdered by these animals? Hitler represented an ideology that should disappear from the world, not celebrated!

Unfortunately, anti-semitic episodes like this are growing by the day. All around the world. After decades of education about the evils of Hitler and the Nazis. After years of legislation against acts of anti-semitism, it is rearing its head once more.

Will Anti-semitism Every Go Away?

We hope that anti-semitism would disappear from the world, but that is not realistic. Anti-semitism always existed, throughout Jewish history.

It never has to do with the Jews. It has no connection to what we do or what we don’t do. People just decide to hate us.

There are some people who hate Jews because we are capitalists and we control the world’s money system. There are others who hate the Jews because we are socialists and Marxists and we are ruining the countries of the world. We can’t be both, but that doesn’t make a difference, because people who decide to hate us, hate us for one reason, because they choose to hate us.

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