Live grenades found on wounded Gaza terrorist evacuated to an Israeli hospital

by Avi Abelow

Yesterday the IDF stopped multiple attempts of terrorists attempting to infiltrate Israel from Gaza. The wounded Gaza terrorist was evacuated to an Israeli hospital. The Dr. was surprised to find grenades in his pocket and evacuated the area.

Stopping the Terrorists from Infiltrating

The Arab media is using the video above to show the world that the IDF kidnaps innnocent Gazans. The truth is that we stopped him from infiltrating into Israel. When the Gaza terrorists damage the security fence to infiltrate they are also creating holes for our soldiers to then enter, stop them and arrest them. Since he was wounded the IDF took him to an Israeli hospital.

Multiple Infiltrations

Three terrorists were initially spotted and captured while attempting to infiltrate into Israel, including the patient.

Within a few hours, a second set of four more terrorists again attempted to infiltrate into Israel through the security fence at the Gaza border. These, too, were prevented from succeeding in their mission.

Terrorist with Grenades

Earlier on Wednesday, an IDF force fired at a 15-year-old Gaza terrorist in the northern Gaza Strip as he infiltrated the Gaza Strip fence into Israel. He was then rushed to an Israeli hospital in serious condition, suffering from gunshot wounds.

The IDF spokesman announced at the time that “IDF troops identified three terrorists who damaged the security fence and attempted to infiltrate Israel from the southern Gaza Strip. In response, the troops fired towards the suspects and thwarted the infiltration”.

The wounded Gaza terrorist was evacuated to Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon, Israel. A doctor giving treatment to the terrorist found the grenades on the terrorist’s body.

Dr. Eitan Seidman was the doctor who discovered the grenades. Dr. Seidman said in an interview to reporter Udi Ben David of Israel South radio: “When the wounded man was transferred from the IDF stretcher to the hospital bed, there were two heavy lumps in his pants pocket. A moment later I asked the nurse to bring scissors to cut the pants. I identified two metal objects that looked very suspicious. They resembled explosives or grenades. At that moment I had everyone evacuated from the room.

This is what we are dealing with

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