Press Secretary Completely Stumbles When Reporter Asks about This Biden Policy

by Phil Schneider

More than two years after the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the United States policy continues to be quite stringent with people who have not had the coronavirus or had the vaccination. This is itself a very debatable policy. But, what should not be debatable is the hypocrisy through which illegal immigrants are walking across the open US border with Mexico without any form of checking of the illegal immigrants. Some of these people are definitely drug dealers, and many of them are infected with the coronavirus. But the Biden-led policy is one of see nothing and say nothing on this issue. It is admirable that the Fox News correspondent pressed Biden’s press secretary on this point.

The open-borders policy of the Biden administration is arguably the most destructive policy that is going on now in America. The energy-dependence policy is already having a dreadful impact economically. But the next administration can changed that rather quickly.

But tens of thousands of illegal immigrants walking into the United States every month means hundreds of thousands of people that are not only bringing good things. The economy could indeed be boosted by a few million productive immigrants. But what is actually going on now is the entire idea of citizenship is going down the drain. New York now allows non-citizens to vote, thereby getting rid of a major incentive to become a citizen. More and more people are opting to not become taxpayers and prefer to live for decades as non-citizens while benefiting from all of the freedoms that America affords.

Yet, even the downgrading of citizenship is not the main issue, even though that is a big deal. The main issue is the wholesale import of illegal drugs into the United States via the Mexican border. The opioid epidemic is not just destroying cities and young people by the tens of thousands. It is a problem that gets worse and worse, and China and Russia are well aware of this. Any time a country has open borders, they are allowing destructive forces to attack it. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the Wuhan-based pandemic are two stark reminders that the world is a small village and threats continue to exist that threaten the United States from thousands of miles away. The border issue may not be the main issue on the minds of Americans, but it should be.

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