Watch an ABC News Crew and Sam Donaldson Nail Two Nazi Officers

by Leah Rosenberg

What ABC News and Sam Donaldson did here is remarkable. Check out how they caught these two Nazi officers in Argentina. Can you believe it?

Sam Donaldson and ABC News Catch Nazis

Sam Donaldson and ABC News deserve acknowledgement for their unbelievable work here. This is like a movie – except it is real life. It really happened. The way they caught the Nazis walking around in broad daylight. The way they followed leads and didn’t give up. Every Nazi must be brought to justice. Even though nothing can change all the evil they perpetrated against the Jewish people, Nazis should not just be living freely after their crimes. The least that can be done is catching them and bringing them to some type of justice.

It is insane that so many Nazis escaped justice for so long – especially in South America. They lived freely. No one found them for years, accept for Adolf Eichmann.

Erich Priebke was one of the worst German officers who served the Nazi regime in Rome. Vicious. Brutal. And he lived without any consequence for his horrific crimes. And he made excuses when he was found by Donaldson and his crew.

These journalists did a remarkable job, and the were right for being driven by the historically just need to bring killers to justice. They did something good that made a difference. Many journalists do not accomplish things like this. Many are not honest. But this is the type of work that matters. This is the type of work that can be meaningful and have lasting implications.

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