President Trump Stands His Ground Against PC Fake News Media

by Phil Schneider

The Coronavirus came from China. That is the truth. But some media outlets focus on the stupidities of PC culture at a time when there are hundreds of thousands of lives at stake.

President Trump never thought that his Presidency would be tested by a medical war against a worldwide pandemic virus. President Trump is the leader of the free world. How he treats this and how the American people respond to his leadership will determine his legacy probably more than any other event in his tenure.

The same goes for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. As things look now, whoever is able to control their population more will probably save more lives. As of now, Israel is winning. But the United States is doing rather well also. If the United States manages to keep the numbers of dead from the pandemic in the hundreds and not the thousands, it will be a major success. But, it is too early for anyone to know for sure. If Israel manages to keep the pandemic from killing more than a few hundred people, that will also be considered a major success.

But the test of leadership in this instance is based on the willingness to stand up to the people, communicate clearly how serious the situation is and lead the people to take the path that will save the most lives. We hope that President Trump will come out successful in this campaign.

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