HAHAHA! I’ve Never Laughed So Hard At a Music Video! These People Are Hilariously Amazing!

by Abi

What does this have to do with Israel? Well, it’s Made in Israel. That’s about it. These guys are bonkers – but boy are they talented!

The second you see these people, you will be struck by there wacky appearance. But they are much more than just their unique outfits. They are absolutely talented musicians who have traveled around the world entertaining audiences. Enjoy them. They are one-of-a-kind.

There have been other Israeli entertainers who have become world famous. One of the more recent ones was the Shalva band – a group of disabled youth who put together such an impressive group that performs music all over the world. They even got picked up and congratulated by President Trump.

Culture is not merely about entertainment. But entertainment is a big part of it. One day, the Israeli people will be known for their entertainment also. But, it will be when they perform Israeli content that is unique to the Israeli culture. Meanwhile, enjoy this one-of-a-kind band’s amazing music.

Dr. Risch

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