Powerful 2 Minute Clip of IDF Soldiers Will Leave You Speechless

by Leah Rosenberg

Wow. You are going to be blown away by how well this video portraying IDF soldiers was made. It’s really, really powerful.

Powerful Video of IDF Soldiers

Our enemies don’t make videos like this one. Our enemies make videos about destruction and their goal of killing. They make videos as propaganda to recruit children to be part pf their murderous and barbaric terror groups. They have soldiers who kill for the sake of killing Jews, we have soldiers who only kill to defend those very Jews. IDF soldiers are fighting a war against Hamas right now. They are fighting against evil. They are fighting to bring back our innocent hostages and to ensure that never again will our enemies do what Hamas did on that horrific day of October 7. This is what the soldiers have in mind when they fight. They think of the 240 hostages who were brutally taken from their homes into Gaza. They think of those men, women, children, infants, and elderly suffering at the hands of terrorists. They think of the nation of the Jewish people.

And it gives them strength to keep going. And knowing that the people of Israel are praying for them gives them strength to keep going. Those who can fight are fighting. And those who are unable to fight are praying, engaging in Torah study, doing acts of kindness, bringing our soldiers what they need, and more.

We hope and pray to G-d that this war ends as soon as possible. But Israel must continue the fight until Hamas is destroyed; until the evil is eradicated. May G-d keep the IDF soldiers and the Jewish people safe.

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