Heartbreaking: Children Survivors of October 7 Hamas Massacre Speak Out

by Phil Schneider

The humanitarian issue in the Middle East is indeed a massive issue. The number of Israeli children who have fallen victim to incessant missiles flying at them over the last 18 years is absolutely unconscionable. The number of families who have gotten used to lives filled with trepidation across southern Israel is beyond all comprehension. But that was until October 7th, 2023. Now, everything is different. Everything. Israel has woken up like America after Pearl Harbor.

Israel used to have a solid majority of around 55-60% of it’s Jewish population that knew that we had nobody to talk to among our Arab neighbors to discuss peaceful coexistence. But the minority of around 30-35% truthfully believed that Israel needed to make painful concessions and go the extra mile in order to find a way to live with the Arabs who live all across Israel. Around 10-15% were genuine middle of the roaders. Israel’s leadership has often reflected the middle-of-the-roaders. That will not happen again for quite some time.

All of this has changed radically. No more than a small sliver of perhaps 10-20% of the Jewish population in Israel will ever trust an Arab entity such as the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, or any other organized Arab group that claims that they want a State. Only Western media outlets that habitually lie about the situation in Israel claim that Israel should coexist with Arabs who openly claim they hate Israel and want to destroy it. 80-90% of Israel’s population now know conclusively that we are dealing with wild animals who range from hate-filled Muslims to sub-human Nazis.

That is the natural conclusion that is reached by people who’s daughters are raped en-masse, children are beheaded, parents are killed, and granparents are killed and kidnapped. Nobody in their right mind would want to coexist with Nazis after World War II. They needed to be destroyed, taken over, and rebuilt from the scorched earth under their feet. October 7th was no small radical group. It was a massive premeditated attack of thousands of Arabs who all joined in the massacre.

Their is nothing but death that awaits the Western countries who are foolishly trying to learn to live with an Arab minority that claims clearly that they have every intention to take over their host country. Arabs in Israel have no more of a claim on Israel than they have in Sweden, Germany, France, or Belgium. But the idea of Jihad is not just to have a country to bow down to Mecca from. It is about world domination.

Israel’s policies of appeasement ulitmately led to the one-day Holocaust in which more than 1,000 civilians and a few hundred policemen, policewomen and soldiers were killed. Never again. Disarm and dominate them or they will dismember you. Take the gloves off. It’s the only language that works in the Middle East.

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