Unbelievable Production: Thousands Worldwide Call to Bring Home Israeli Hostages With Famous Song

by Phil Schneider

Warning: Graphic footage

The human suffering that more than 200 Israeli hostages have been enduring is the most ignored part of the terrible suffering that Hamas has brought onto the world. Any normal country who has hundreds of hostages taken would stop everything and focus all of their efforts on returning their hostages. Israel is now doing that in a major way. Hamas probably did not expect to come back with so many hostages and to inflict so much terror on Israel. Hamas leaders were probably hoping to have a handful of hostages to terrorize Israel.

But what transpired on that horrible day of October 7th will be remembered in Israel as a day that was proportionally worse than the day that Japan surprised America and bombed Pearl Harbor. More than one thousand Israeli civilans were massacred and a few hundred Israeli soldiers and police were killed in the attack. It would be the equivalent of an attack on America in which tens of thousands of Americans were killed in one day.

So when Israel declared that it is at war with Hamas in Gaza, it was the logical result of such a terrible massacre. The word Holocaust has not been overused in reference to what Hamas did. It was exactly right. Some even pointed out that the Hamas crimes were worse in some ways. The point is clear. The aspiration to destroy and kill as many Jews as possible did not end in 1945. But it has morphed from a threat that was based in anti-G-d Germany to a seemingly G-d believing radical Muslim form.

The truth is that the religious fervor that the mobs of Arabs killed Israelis with is not a new concept. In 1929, in Hebron, Jerusalem, and other places around the Land of Israel, Arabs did the same thing. Except this time they had machine guns, RPG’s, and other weapons that the US taxpayer delivered to them via Iran.

Just like US policy to arm Iraq in the 80’s in their war against Iran enabled Iraq to invade Kuwait, US policy to arm Iran in order to appease it is what enabled Iran to arm Hizbullah and Hamas to the teeth. The example of where US policy had been most effective in stemming the flow of weapons to bad actors is the example of Cuba in the early 60’s.

When Kruschev managed to sneak the missiles into Cuba that threatened much of mainland USA, including Washington DC, America under the leadership of John F. Kennedy sprung into action. In addition to the naval encirclement of Cuba and the direct ofensive threat to the Soviet Union, John F. Kennedy and his military advisors were in agreement that absolutely zero missiles can be allowed to stay in Cuba. They only disagreed on how to bring this about. The USA was willing to make concessions in Turkey, far away from it’s borders. But the most basic obligation of a country’s leadership is to protect it’s citizens.

Israel should be doing the same thing in Gaza today. Finishing the job means rooting out every single last missile and terrorist. They should be making sure that zero threat of missiles face them from that part of the Land of Israel. The only way is to completely hold on to the entire area that forms Israel’s southwestern border with the Mediterranean, encourage Arab immigration to anywhere else in the world, and never stop being on guard against Arab aggression. Otherwise, October 7th will not be the last tragic day to enter Israel’s yearly list of Memorial Days.

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