Former Sec. of State Mike Pompeo Lands In Israel as War With Iran Looms

by Gavriel Dan

Mike Pompeo landed in Israel and visited the Psagot winery on Sunday. He along with former Prime Minister Netanyahu made a series of statements there.

On a visit to Israel to accept a reward for his support for Judea and Samaria, Pompeo relished in praise from Israelis. According to the Jerusalem Post, Pompeo said: “Judea and Samaria is the ‘rightful homeland for the people of Israel.'”

At the event, he acknowledged that the Abraham Accords were an amazing accomplishment that has changed the region. More than that, Pompeo’s visit comes at a time of great uncertainty surrounding Iran’s nuclear program. Most experts say that Iran is closing in on a nuclear weapon. This looming threat is being overshadowed by China’s expansion and the US debacle in Afghanistan. For Pompeo, Biden’s Iran strategy is a failure.

Pompeo appears to be setting the stage for a future presidential run. After all, with Biden’s polls plummeting and the US within a geopolitical crisis with China, the assumption is that they will pivot to a more stable presidential choice.

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