Former Amb. Friedman Hopes His Center Can Bring Peace Between Israel and Muslim World

by Leah Rosenberg

A must-see interview with the former US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman. The Muslim world might be flocking to Friedman’s center!

Bringing Peace Between Israel and Muslim World

During his time as ambassador to Israel, David Friedman did his best to bring peace between Israel and the Muslim world. He is a true friend to Israel, and as an Orthodox Jew himself, he understands the needs of Israel and the Jewish people. Friedman knows that peace is really up to the Muslims (and the “Palestinians”), and that the Jews have been waiting for peace since the beginning of time.

At the Friedman Center, he hopes more opportunities will be created for Muslim tourists to come and visit. Being that the Abraham Accords has opened many doors, Friedman hopes even more doors will continue to open. As more Muslims come to Israel, hopefully they will see the truth about the Jewish state as oppose to just believing what they are taught from a young age.

Sadly, the “Palestinian” leadership is doing nothing to bring peace. They have only continued to terrorize Israel and the Jewish nation. They have not encouraged their people to seek peace or to respect Israel. They have not taught their people how to better their own lives and to stop blaming others for their problems.

Maybe slowly, as more Muslims come from throughout the world, more “Palestinians” will also want to be part of the peace process. Maybe they’ll see how much Israel really has to offer.

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