Arabs Lynch Jewish Pregnant Woman and Husband Near Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

This is a video taken by the pregnant woman as the Arab Muslim thugs beat up her husband. These are Israeli Arab Muslims! And this is violence against innocent Jews for no reason. Totally barbaric behavior! Both the pregnant woman and her husband were hospitalized.

Arab Motorists Lynch Jewish Pregnant Woman and Husband

Around 12:30 at night, a Jewish pregnant woman and her husband were driving in separate cars back to their home in the town of Adam, outside of Jerusalem. They drove through the Jerusalem neighborhood of Kiriyat HaYovel. When they were on the main Begin highway that cuts through Jerusalem, an Arab motorcyclist kept trying to block the woman’s car and cut her off. The Arab then knocked her mirror, breaking it, and drove off.

The woman’s husband drove after him to ask for insurance details. They arrived at Beit Hanina, an Israeli Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem, which is also the direction the couple drives to get back home, and the motorcyclist started choking the man. His wife went to help him and was smacked by the motorcyclist in her pregnant stomach with his helmet. Suddenly, there were 20 people trying to lynch this Jewish couple! The woman’s car was destroyed! They both had to be hospitalized, and when the woman called the police, they told her to “come and file a complaint.”

This shows the dangerous level the progressives have influenced the authorities in Israel. The police show up for Arab violence against Jews, but for calls about Jewish violence against Arabs, then the police would come immediately.

This was not even covered by the media.

Just imagine, what if this situation was the other way around?

Not only would the Israeli media be covering this story left and right, so would the world media. If Jews would ever do anything like this to an Arab, the world would go crazy.

We are praying for the pregnant woman, her unborn baby and her husband.

How do we change this reality? By sharing the truth.

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