You’re About to Hear the Most Perfect Prayer for Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Combined with words from Psalms and daily prayers, this original song will remind you what a prayer for Israel should sound like.

Beautiful Prayer for Israel

This song is beautiful and heartfelt. A prayer for Israel should be directed toward G-d, and this one most definitely is. G-d is the only one who ensures Israel’s protection. Of course, He has messengers – namely, the IDF whose soldiers put their lives on the line to protect Israel and the Jewish people. But they would never be successful without the help of G-d; without prayers to Him.

That’s exactly what this song is: A prayer to G-d. And a reminder to us about Who really runs the world and keeps us safe. We sometimes get lost in the world’s craziness and forget who we are supposed to turn to. At the end of the day, it is not human leaders or politicians; doctors or surgeons. Yes, we must put in our own effort – but all of our efforts are null and void without G-d and His kindness.

Ari Goldwag, the singer/songwriter of Shomer Yisrael, is a popular Jewish singer. He writes music that reaches the souls of those who listen. His songs are meaningful and from the heart.


הנה לא ינום ולא יישן שומר ישראל
The Guardian of Israel His protection never fails, no…
Shomer Yisrael (Guardian of Israel)
Never slumbers, never sleeps
In His embrace
He always keeps us safe, so keep your faith
שומר ישראל שמור שארית ישראל ואל יאבד ישראל האומרים שמע ישראל
Guardian of Israel, protect Your people, Israel
And don’t forsake Israel, those who say Shema Yisrael (Hear O Israel).

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