Will Polls crash for Democrat Candidates after Americans see who they really are?

by Leah Rosenberg

The truth about many Democrat leaders is becoming more widespread. People are beginning to see that these Democratic leaders are leading America to a dark place.

Democrat Candidates have been Exposed

Democrat leaders today are not what they used to be. This is not just a matter of politics. This is about life and death. This is about a disturbing hate. Do you hear the words of these Democratic leaders who have power over the American people? Do you see the consequences of what they have said?

Their words, beliefs, and actions are bringing America and the American people down. They do not care about the country or the people. We are living in a frightening reality; a scary time period. The United States is burning – literally. And many of the Democratic politicians have encouraged it more.

Why are they trying to destroy America? Why do they call for violent uprisings?

Joe Biden as President?

The fact that a potential president is wishing that he could “beat up” Trump up behind the gym. The fact that the governor of New York is saying Trump needs an army to protect him. They are the ones who have crossed a line, not President Trump. The line is no longer in sight.

These threats from Biden and others who are part of the Democratic party leadership and the way they wish to harm him – it is immoral, cruel, vicious. It is criminal.

The American people need to wake up. This has gone far beyond agreeing and disagreeing on policies. The Left has proven they do not care about the future of America. They are not doing what is best for the country or the people.

How much more proof do people need in order to vote smartly? Do you care about the future of America? Do you want American cities to keep burning to the ground?

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